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Mom holding baby and diaper bag with Triple Paste® 3XMax in it.

Diaper Rash & Daycare: Tips & Tricks To Know

If you talk to any parent or caregiver, you’ll know that daycare always comes with its little challenges. From new social situations and routines to different foods and products used, daycare can be disruptive for both you and your baby at first. But it doesn’t have to be this way, trust us! Like most struggles, a little communication and preparation goes a long way when it comes to reducing something as irritating as diaper rash during and after daycare.

We’re proud to support parents (old and new) and daycare providers with the tools and tricks needed for the most positive daycare experience possible. Let’s dive into our top three tricks of the trade.

1. Communicate as much as possible & take precautions

Whether you’re sending your first child to daycare or your second one for the very first time, communication with the daycare staff is key to everyone’s success–especially your little ones. Diaper rash can often occur when there is a disconnect in routine. Unlike at home, daycare providers are juggling many diaper wearing babies at once (not literally of course!), making it difficult to change them all as frequently as might be ideal.

As a result, if your little one is used to being changed frequently (every 3-4 hours), diaper rash might be quick to appear. Applying a thin layer of preventative diaper rash ointment before they arrive at daycare will help to prevent diaper rash from forming. Packing the ointment in their bag and discussing usage with the daycare staff will prompt usage of the ointment throughout the day as well. 

2. Pack your child their own diapers

We all forget to pack extra diapers sometimes (we’ve been there!), but ensuring that you pack them as often as you can will make a huge difference for you, your child, and the daycare provider. When the child’s own diapers aren’t available, the daycare provider has to use whatever is available. This can result in two things happening:

  • This diaper may not be the correct size for your child, which is never a good thing! If a diaper is too tight, it can actually cause diaper rash. The more the tight-fitting diaper is worn, the more likely this is to happen.
  • The diaper may not be what your little one’s skin is used to. We don’t have to tell you that a baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to rashes whenever a new fabric or material is introduced. Sudden diaper or other product changes may cause diaper rash or other irritations that both you and your daycare provider want to avoid.

The best way to reduce the risk of these two situations happening? You guessed it! Packing your little one their own diapers, wipes, Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment, and more! 

3. A Time & Place for New Foods

Introducing your baby to new foods is almost always a great idea, but not when they are at daycare. Even if there’s nothing they will be allergic to in the food, the consistency and makeup of the food might cause some differences in digestion for your baby. This could result in poops that are different in consistency, content, and frequency. Not only could this cause stress to your baby, but it would likely also cause stress to the daycare provider. All in all, save the food tasting extravaganza for home! If you’re searching for more information on how new foods can affect what ends up in your baby’s diaper, check out our blog “How To Prepare When Your Baby Is Starting Solid Foods.”

    We hope this Triple Paste blog helps to make you feel more prepared and confident when heading into daycare with your little one! Don’t forget to come back when you need to stock up on a diaper rash cream you can count on. We know you’ll both do amazing and will adjust in no time to your new routine. Till next time!