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Our History

50 Years of Efficacy

Triple Paste® was created over 50 years ago, and was born out of a dedication to bring science-backed, results-driven solutions to parents, caregivers, and diaper changers everywhere.

The inspiration stemmed from a desire to provide an effective solution to treat diaper rash in infants, which the creator felt was not sufficiently addressed in the market at the time. He created a unique blend that provided a protective barrier on the skin, soothing irritation and promoting healing.

These days, Triple Paste is led by parents. We've been there, lived through it, and like you, want the best for our babies. We're here to help and share our experience.

Growing Our Family

Over the years, Triple Paste has become the go-to remedy for baby diaper rash. But did you know we also have solutions for adult rash irritations such as an Anti-Fungal treatment? We continue to innovate as the rash expert for your whole family and in recent years launched Adult Incontinence Rash, a maximum strength 3X Max, and a lightweight Sheer Zinc diaper rash formula.